Nude Galaxy Batik Leggings – Batikwalla by Victoria

Nude Galaxy Batik Leggings


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Yes to these, all day every day.  This is a rare hand dyed color combination and not easily achieved.  Lighter color batiks are actually pretty difficult to make with all the little subtleties in the process and design, but the effect is pretty amazing with all the stars and details on your legs.

The length is measured from the waistline to the ankle and is approximate and varies a little between each pair:

  • Small - 32"
  • Medium - 33"
  • Large - 34"
  • XL - 37"
  • 2X - 33"

The width is measured at the elastic waistline, not stretched (also varies slightly):

  • Small: 11.5" across
  • Medium: 12" across
  • Large: 12.5" across
  • XL: 13" across
  • 2X: 15" across

The difference in sizing is subtle, however if you are unsure or in between sizes, go ahead and order a size up.  If you are wearing these for working out or dancing, order your size or smaller.

More info about shopping or returns can be found on the Batikwalla Shopping Policies page.