Learn How To Batik With Me – Batikwalla by Victoria

Learn How To Batik With Me

Yes, you can make beautiful batiks too!  All skill levels welcome in this batik focused online studio.  The weekly scheduled Live Video Library includes an extensive category of instructional videos, paired with my Supplies and Resources List, and explanations along the way.  You'll find an interactive Facebook group where you can post your progress, results, or ask questions and gain ideas.  You will also be part of an exclusive email list with updates and info to keep you on track.

*Studio doors are open for a limited time for the new peeps who want to join us.*

Join the monthly online batik workshop, featuring live tutorials with me personally answering your questions while showing you ALL my special techniques I have learned over the many years.   

Over 60+ people are learning how to make beautiful batiks right now!  This community is so nice and supportive with each other.  We'd love to have you join and see for yourself.  Find out more here: 


See you on the inside.