The Art Of Creative Batik Online Workshop – Batikwalla by Victoria

The Art Of Creative Batik Online Workshop

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Learn - Encourage - Evolve

Create Beautiful Batiks 

In this online workshop you'll get:

  • Start to finish detailed instructional videos on how I make my batiks
  • The full library of our recorded videos you can watch any time 
  • List of materials & supplies not found anywhere else 
  • Approach to marketing and sales for fiber artists
  • Procion dye tips and tricks 
  • Procion dye color reviews
  • Scheduled live video meetups inside my workshop, preserved and organized within our private Facebook Group
  • Our highly organized and attentive Content Group Manager assists me in supportive feedback for all members.  
  • On top of our live videos, I share tons of good batik & craft industry info, and respond your fiber art/ sales questions directly. 
  • Peers sharing their discoveries and a place where you can share yours too.

Once you join, please watch the Welcome Video, then request to join The Art of Creative Batik private Facebook Group.  You'll see the link to our group in your receipt via email, and also inside.  There's a purple and teal infographic inside, just press that and you'll be directed to Facebook.  We'll add you to our group as soon as we see your request to join.  If you are having any trouble joining, please email us to get in!!  There is SO much good info shared in here too!

** Please Note: This is a monthly, continuous online workshop.  You may cancel your account anytime through the settings on your personal profile page.  No permission necessary for cancellation. **