Batik Fabric Prints & Artwork – Batikwalla by Victoria

Batik Fabric Prints & Artwork

Batikwalla fabric print patches can be sewn on to jackets, backpacks, and quilts, and many other creative ideas you may have in mind.  Some folks frame the designs for the wall.  I have seen Batikwalla prints used on projects to be sold on Etsy, which is fine with me.  Send me a link of your listing and I may post it on my wall.

Every batik detail is crisp and captured perfectly on the fabric.  It's pretty amazing actually.  The print holds strong for many uses.  

This cotton fabric has been machine washed and dried, and lightly ironed before being shipped to you.

You can also find my batik designs printed by the yard at the Batikwalla Spoonflower shop.