Shopping and Return FAQs – Batikwalla by Victoria

Shopping and Return FAQs

Yay!!  I'm so glad you are reading this page, and I appreciate you taking the time to look this over.  If you have any questions not covered below please use the Message tab to reach out.   

What to expect with your transaction:  

Currently, shipping is a flat rate of $7 for all US orders, and $25 for most International First Class orders.  This includes tracking information.  Your order will be packaged up and in the mail within the next 1-5 business days.   You will receive a confirmation email for your order, exactly as it was placed.  Once your order is shipped, you will get another email with a USPS tracking code.  Be sure to check all your folders for these emails if you do not see the confirmation in your inbox.

Orders are tracked within the USPS system.  International orders are tracked and include insurance.  Please recognize Victoria Peace and/or Batikwalla LLC is not responsible for lost or missing packages that have been shipped and recorded into the system.  Please understand we do not modify order values to avoid customs declarations.  

When necessary, contact me with the receipt link or the confirmation email so I can easily identify you and your order.  My name is Victoria.  Please do not contact me through alternative means as I won't be able to track it.  Due to the fluctuating volume of comments, conversations and orders, these important messages can get lost if they are not sent directly to me via email.

Important Note: Orders can not be changed once placed.  No holds, exchanges, or custom orders.  Returned items are refunded directly through the means it was paid for.

INTERNATIONAL SHOPPERS: We do not modify values to avoid Customs declarations for international shipping.  Please account for the appropriate duties and taxes specific to your region.  


Yes, returns are accepted!  WITHIN GUIDELINES!  You may return your batik within the 2 week timeline explained below.  Contact me for a quick response for the return mailing address if you need it.  However, exchanges are not accepted.  


Any and all returns need to be clarified with an email NO LATER THAN 14 DAYS after receiving your item, with the exception of circumstances that have been previously discussed in an email, such as Holiday or Birthday gifts. 

  1. Please communicate with me within 2 weeks of the arrival of your order, either by returning the batik or contacting me via email to request the return address.  If this is a gift, returns are accepted up to 14 days after major holidays or the day of your event.  Please make a note of this in your transaction.  

  2. Please do not wear the returned batik, or return the batik with the tags removed.

  3. Returned orders must have a tracking code for the security of the package.

Because of the limited supply, the technical aspect of managing this website, and the evolving nature of this handmade inventory, I kindly ask that you respect these guidelines.  Returned items must be in their original condition - unwashed and unworn, with the Batikwalla tag intact.  Please do not abuse the return policy with indiscriminate shopping tactics and multiple returns.  Do not send repeated requests for exceptions to these policies.  It's not cool, and it shows a lack of respect for other customers.  These are creative, artistic pieces I personally labored over with significant effort and skill.  This is not low-end throw away clothing, so PLEASE don't treat me, this website, or the batik-loving community that way!    

Returns are accommodated easily and quickly with common courtesy.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash and dry in any temperature.  Do not hand wash or hang to dry unless it's absolutely necessary (for travel).  Wring out as much water as possible.  And be careful where you dry these unique treasures!  A customer lost a favorite tshirt from a laundry line between alley apartments while traveling Europe.  Another reported that her batik mysteriously disappeared as it dried next to a Disney fountain, and another sweet customer discovered her new batik missing from the cubby compartments in the Ritz shower at OCF.  These batiks are all one of a kind and have a subtle way of standing out.  Many people don't know where to get them, and don't understand the connection you may have with your batik, so please be careful.  

Fortunately, I see WAY more stories about the abundance of compliments a customer receives after purchasing a batik, and they tell me how long their batik has lasted them over the years.  There is a blog post devoted to the happy customers who have sent me their pics from around the world.  Thank you for such positive feedback!  I'm so happy and honored to be able to make this artwork for you.  💞