Batikwalla Dresses – Batikwalla by Victoria

Batikwalla Dresses

Looking forward to seeing you in an iconic Batikwalla dress, now recognizable around the world!  

Length and size varies per dress, with measurements posted in the descriptions. 
Each dress is handmade.
Size chart ranges are approximate.  The sizing will not shrink:
  • Small 2-4-6
  • Medium 4-6-8
  • Large 10-12-14
  • XL 16-18-20+
The knit and interlock fabric offers flexibility, and the styling is simplistic enough to be easily altered if necessary.  Be sure to check the exact measurements see if it closely matches your numbers.  
I personally design and sew each dress before applying the batik artwork.  
After a batik is sold, the listing is moved over to the Batik Archives Section. 
Machine wash and dry.  The sizing is set.  Check out the Shopping Policies page for shipping and return info.