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People who don't know what batik is are usually mystified by the artwork when they see it, and oftentimes people who are already familiar with this unusual fiber art technique are equally impressed with the creativity and skill my artwork provides.  

So what's up?  How did I get involved with this?  Honestly it was the hippie books I browsed through as a kid in the seventies.  They sparked my imagination and I wanted to try it out but never could until I went out on my own.  As a teen I headed west and found myself in a place I could invest in some craft supplies and not worry about making a mess, so I gave it a try.  I knew I was onto something right away, it was so much fun.  I started to sell the artwork, beginning with tshirts.  My first sales started at funky craft fairs and colorful music festivals, including the Eugene Saturday Market and the Oregon Country Fair, and my most favorite, the parking lot scene of the Grateful Dead concerts.  This is how it all began.  
Once I tapped into the creative process, there was no turning back, and I have pursued it intently ever since.  

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Washing instructions: Machine wash and dry  
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