Batikwalla by Victoria Batik Artistry

About Batikwalla by Victoria


For years I knew what batik was, but I didn't know how to make it.  It seemed so intimidating to learn a craft that involved melting wax and dyeing fabric, but the results were so pretty it kept me intrigued.  One day the stars aligned and I took it upon myself to figure it out.

What is batik?  Batik is an ancient fiber art form.  It can be done in many ways.  My technique is very very basic and traditional with simple pure beeswax and full immersion dyeing.  Batik is not bound by the limits of print techniques.  Most people don't recognize this!  We're so used to machine made products, but you gotta wonder why my designs reach over seams, around legs, shoulders, sides and thighs with unique paint strokes.  Every detail is hand painted with some kind of special design I usually conjure up on the spot.  Often you can see me paint in front of a live audience on my Facebook page.

Brief background: I discovered batik in the early days of my travels to the west coast as a wander-lost teenager.  My first sales started at funky craft fairs and colorful music festivals, including the Eugene Saturday Market and the Oregon Country Fair, and my most favorite, the parking lot scene of the Grateful Dead concerts.  This is how it all began.  
Once I tapped into the creative process, there was no turning back, and I have pursued it intently ever since.  

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Rights to the artwork belong exclusively to the artist, Victoria Dresdner.

Washing instructions: Machine wash and dry  

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