Handmade Batik Artistry

Batikwalla Hand Painted Yoga Pants

Hand painted sweetness made with a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the abundance of natural beauty around us.  These batik designs are completely hand painted with unfiltered beeswax that I salvaged from a local apiary.  The widow of the farmer

A Story In Every Detail

The beeswax I use to paint these batiks was salvaged from a local apiary I had been purchasing from for decades in very small quantities.  One day, the widow of the farmer who raised the bees offered me the last of their harvest as the family cleaned up the honey house for her.   This "B grade" wax (unfiltered, unrefined) had been stored away for years, so they were happy to see it in the hands of an extremely grateful fiber artist who knew how to use it.  ❤︎

Follow along the journey on how I do this.  Check out my Youtube channel for tutorials and storytimes.

Hand Painted Batikwalla Tops

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