Sale Basket – Batikwalla by Victoria

Sale Basket

These are batiks with slight imperfections, yet still highly wearable and appreciable.  Imperfections are subject to our opinions anyway!  They may be discontinued styles, an off-size, or a mislabeled piece, and I didn't catch it until after the batik was finished.  The good news is these batiks still possess the wonderful handmade qualities we love, yet at discounted prices.

As batiks sell out, they are placed in the Batikwalla Archives Section.

SHIPPING RATES: $8.50 US Flat Rate Priority for all US orders.  International Shipping varies between $15 - $30 US, and includes insurance and delivery confirmation.    ***Please remember international customers are responsible for their customs / duties tax.***  

Check out the Batikwalla Shopping Policies for additional info about purchasing and returns.