Purple Peacocks For The Batik Workshop + Painting With Beeswax Technique January 06 2020, 0 Comments

I figured out how to get my purple peacock pattern downloadable so you can follow along with me, step by step.
I'll be walking you through the tutorial, making each one of these batik patterns as class continues, and of course you can do your own variations of it.  In fact, I have been doing many variations of these peacock designs, with different color ideas for the batiks. 
I made the little cut out, or the "pdf" I believe it's called, so you can upload it, and batik along with me while we create the batik, start to finish.
So this is in addition to the batik class, along with all the other things coming up, like the color recipes and wax painting and all the goods things with handmade batik art, boho style.  The happy hippie way!
Isn't this the cutest little peacock feather on the back of the tshirt?  I'm actually gonna make several batik tshirt variations a few steps ahead of what I'll be teaching, that way it'll make sense as we go along.  You can see the before and after for reference, which makes the process a whole lot easier to deconstruct.
 It's such a unique t-shirt you know, or a dress, or whatever you want apply this design to.  Maybe a hoodie?  That would be cool. 
Obviously the finished batiks will go up for sale here on my Batikwalla website once they're finished and ready for sale.  Stay tuned for the fabulous results.
Happy Batiking!