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Brilliant Orange Galaxy Batik Leggings - Size Small


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Here are the most brilliant, most orange, most galactic handmade leggings ever in the entire Universe!!  OMG.  

Size Small-XL are sewn by American Apparel, and 2X is sewn by Royal Apparel before I apply the batik process.  The difference in sizing is subtle, however if you are unsure or in between sizes, go ahead and order a size up.  *Please note the XL are longer than the 2X.

The length is measured from the waistline to the ankle and is approximate and varies a little between each pair:

  • Small - 32"
  • Medium - 33"
  • Large - 34"
  • XL - 37"
  • 2X - 33"

The width is measured at the elastic waistline, not stretched (also varies slightly):

  • Small: 11.5" across
  • Medium: 12" across
  • Large: 12.5" across
  • XL: 13" across
  • 2X: 15" across

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