Batik Yoga Pants – Batikwalla by Victoria

Batik Yoga Pants

Update: New Batikwalla Yoga Pants are in the making!!  You may have seen me painting the beeswax designs in recent videos.    
12 new batik pants in various sizes will be published for sale along with the next batch of Magical Batikwalla Leggings due in October. 
Look for an announcement via the email list, Youtube, and the Batikwalla.Victoria Facebook Page.
About Batikwalla Yoga Pants:
Each pair is an original batik.  I use traditional methods and quality natural materials to create each pair.  These are not prints, they are individually hand painted with molten beeswax.  Each batik is then carefully hand dyed in several layers of color over the course of a week, and ultimately boiled clean.   While traditional batik is a labor intensive process, the manual aspect of the artwork adds to the quality and durability of the design.  Most of my work is done outdoors, from my batik studio in Oregon.