Trinidad Batik Canvas Giclée Print – Batikwalla by Victoria

Trinidad Batik Canvas Giclée Print


Trinidad Batik - Canvas Giclée Print

Measures 19.6" width x 24" length

This piece was inspired by the coast.  In it's process, I realize how batik is so connected to nature with the way the colors naturally harmonize together.   I made this batik design in the traditional technique I use for all my pieces, with the beeswax and dyes layering on top of each other from light to dark.  

This print replica is super impressive.  I was so blown away when they arrived that I wrote the printers to thank them for the superior quality of this print.

I personally wrapped the canvas on wooden stretcher bars that I cut and assembled together.  I then touched up the edges with paints to perfectly match the batik print.  Finally I set the finished piece with a light matte protectant.  Each piece has its own unique details.  

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