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Teal Tree Roots Run Deep Organic Cotton Batik Dress


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Teal Tree Roots Run Deep Organic Cotton Batik Dress

This dress is completely handmade from start to finish.  It probably should not be in the Sale Basket....  but I have mixed feelings about the tree on this one.  I just tried it on for the first time for a fitting video, and it is a lot nicer than I originally gave it credit for.  Someone will be lucky with this beautiful emerald/teal dress.  There are cute details curling out from under the arm.

It's an A-line shape, with seams down the side, front, and back.  The fabric is soft and sturdy.  The design is reversible and can be worn on the front or back.   

100% soft organic cotton knit.  Sewn with 100% organic cotton thread.

Care is easy: machine wash and tumble dry.  Avoid hand washing if you can.  If you are living remotely or traveling, and you must hand wash the dress, try to extract as much water from the fabric as you can, and dry flat in open air.  

The sizing for this dress can be considered a Medium.  For reference, the model is a size 4-6.  I am a size 8 and it fit me perfectly!!

Laying flat, measurements are :

  • 16" across the chest
  • 14.5" across at the waist 
  • 28" across skirts out wide at the bottom hem
  • 40" total length from shoulder to the bottom hem
  • vneck on the tree side: 10" deep
  • vneck on the moon side: 9" deep  

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