Teal and Purple Moon Organic Cotton Batik Hoodie

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Teal and Purple Moon Organic Batik Hoodie - Men's or Unisex in Size XL

This batik hoodie is made with 100% organic cotton fleece.  I hand paint the entire design on each hoodie with pure, molten beeswax, and hand dye each color in a series of layers until the batik is finished.  The final step is to manually boil the hoodie clean of the wax and excess dye.  Once the batik is boiled clean, the sizing and design is set and will last for many blissful years to come. 

The measurements are approximate, taken with the hoodie laying flat and relaxed.   The hoodie will not shrink after regular washing and drying in any temperature. 

Unisex Size XL

  • 23.5" across the chest
  • 28" from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the waistband
  • 23" from UNDERNEATH the armpit to the end of the wristband.

Yes!  Machine wash and dry for easiest and best care.

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