Teal and Purple Moon Batik Tee - Possible Slight Imperfection

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I started working on a full design for this sweet batik tee when I thought I felt a snag in the fabric right under the moon.  It was such a small imperfection in the material, but enough to discourage me from doing the full design.  But now that the batik is finished, I can no longer find the anomaly that stopped me in my tracks.  

This simple batik design was born from mystery.  I actually really like it for future batik tees.  But I'm so baffled by the situation I've decided to put this one on sale, just to be sure.

Laying flat, this top measures:

    Teal and Purple Moon, size XL:

    • size: 10-12-14
    • Bust: 20" across
    • Length from shoulder to hem: 25"

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