Sweet Batik Visors For Lakeside Leisure – Batikwalla by Victoria

Sweet Batik Visors For Lakeside Leisure


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Sweet and creative batik visors to regulate the shade factor.  

These were essential accessories for festival touring back in the day.  Now I wear a batik visor whenever the need arises.  Paired with sunglasses, they have the perfect incognito look that allows a subtle statement with "alternative" flair.  

Made with 100% cotton,  and an adjustable velcro band.  These are genuine batik designs - each visor was skillfully hand painted, boiled clean and machine washed.  These visors are machine washable, but avoid washing them with heavy clothing or jeans as the brim can bend.  Fortunately I found it easy to shape it back when this happened.  I've had mine for years so it was bound to happen at some point.

Machine wash gentle cycle, hang dry. 

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Update June 2018: These are sold out, guys.  Check out my main page for new batiks I just made, or other resources.