Sunrise Sunset Batikwalla Coral Print Summer Tee


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These designs originate from my own batik artwork, which was then thoughtfully translated into a printable image.  Each shirt is hand dyed using a technique similar to my batik process. 

If you are contemplating on which size to get, it's most helpful to find a favorite shirt made out of a similar cotton knit tshirt material and compare those measurements to the ones listed below.

Size ranging is approximate.  For reference, the model is wearing a size SMALL for the photos.


  • dress size 2-4-6
  • Bust: 16" across
  • Length from shoulder to hem: 24"


  • dress size 4-6-8
  • Bust: 17" across
  • Length from shoulder to hem: 24"


  • dress size 8-10-12
  • Bust: 18.5" across
  • Length from shoulder to hem: 24"


  • dress size: 10-12-14
  • Bust: 20" across
  • Length from shoulder to hem: 25"

Materials: 100% lightweight cotton jersey.  These shirts were sewn by American Apparel before we apply the screen print and hand dyeing process.

This top is preshrunk and machine washable.

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Thanks for checking it out and enjoy!