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Orchid Forest Handmade Batik Dress

Orchid Forest Handmade Batik Dress

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This original batik dress is completely handmade from start to finish.  The color is a hand dyed, soft blue-purple under varying tones of orchid pink.  I painted the tree and moon design with molten beeswax, and hand dyed each layer of color over the course of a week.  As a final step in the batik process, I boiled the dress clean in a cauldron of hot soapy water to remove the beeswax and reveal the batik artwork.  The design becomes a permanent part of the fabric itself.  The texture of the natural fabric is not altered with my traditional batik process.

This batik dress will not shrink or change color.  The fabric can stretch gently over the course of the day, and return to its natural shape after washing.

Recommend care: machine wash cold and tumble dry in low settings.  Do not hand wash or hang dry, if at all possible.  The finished batik does not favor being wet in any extended capacity, but will last for many years with basic care.

Fiber content: 100% organic cotton

The measurements for this dress were taken laying flat, not stretched.  

  •  Medium: 6-8-10 ~ Laying completely flat and not stretched at all, size Medium measures just over:
  • 17" across the chest,
  • 15" at the small of the waist, and
  • 46" from the shoulder to the bottom edge.

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