Mulberry Tree of Life Batik Fabric Print – Batikwalla by Victoria

Mulberry Tree of Life Batik Fabric Print


This is a stunning replica of the original handcrafted batik "Tree of Life" in mulberry red with purple roots.  You may see me paint this design on organic cotton hoodies or tshirts, often found in other parts of the shop.  Heart details can be found in the swirls radiating out from the mandala design.

It's pre-washed and printed on high quality 100% quilting cotton - 4.5 oz per square yard, 60x60 threads per square inch.

Measures approximately a full square 10" x 10" as shown on a craft cutting board.

This print has been pre-washed, tumble dried, and lightly ironed. The fabric is ready for your project as soon as it arrives.