Navy Blue and Purple Om - Batik Print Camisole – Batikwalla by Victoria

Navy Blue and Purple Om - Batik Print Camisole


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Navy Blue and Purple Om - Batik Print Camisole - a deep dark navy blue layered over a rich purple batik Om sun mandala. 

This is a print & batik combination on lightweight cotton camisole.  The Om symbol was created in several steps, the first of which was a hand pulled screen print.  Then as a traditional batik, I painted beeswax within layers of dye for a unique effect in the design.  Like a traditional batik, the finished camisole is manually boiled clean of the beeswax.  This last step also permanently sets the color and design.   

  • Small (4-6) measures 14" across, and 27" from shoulder to hem, including shoulder strap

    Material is 100% cotton.  Machine wash and dry for best results.  This top will not shrink, fade, or change color with simple care.

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