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Garden Green Butterfly Bliss Batik Handmade Tee

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Garden Green Butterfly Bliss Batik Handmade Tee

The butterfly was created with three individual beeswax paintings, and 3 separate hand-mixed dye baths.  Colors for this one started with lemon yellow.  The next dye bath was a deep pink, which gives us a salmon color.  The final dye bath was a strong teal.  As a traditional batik, I remove the beeswax manually, and without the use of chemicals or solvents.   

Sizes are estimates, and relative to your comfort style.  The measurements were taken with the top laying flat and not stretched:


  • Bust: 20" across
  • Waist: 19" across 
  • Width of hips at the hem: 22" across
  • Length from shoulder down to the to hem: 25"


  • Bust: 22" across
  • Waist: 20" across
  • Width of hips at the hem: 23" across
  • Length from shoulder to hem: 26"


  • Bust: 23" across
  • Waist: 21" across
  • Width of hips at the hem: 24" across
  • Total length from shoulder to hem 27"

    This top is preshrunk - machine wash and dry only.

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