Forest Green Organic Cotton Batik Dress – Batikwalla by Victoria

Forest Green Organic Cotton Batik Dress - Slight Imperfection


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This original batik dress is completely handmade from start to finish.  The color is a hand dyed, soft brown undertone with varying shades of forest green.  I painted the design with molten beeswax and hand dyed each color in a series of layers to achieve this effect.  The final step is to boil the dress to remove the beeswax and reveal the batik artwork underneath.  The batik is a permanent part of the fabric, not a print.  The texture of the natural fabric is not altered with my traditional batik process.

The soft organic cotton material has been carefully chosen for its quality and strength.  This batik dress will not shrink with regular machine washing and drying.  My process is rigorous enough to determine a quality garment that will withstand decades of wear and appreciation.

Measurements are taken with the dress laying flat, not stretched.  The style can stretch gently, but not stretch out.  The knit fabric complements the body's shape and gently loosens over the course of the day.  The sizing and shape remains consistent with washing and drying.

This particular dress has a slight imperfection that is barely noticeable.  There is a tiny hole in the back, which can be determined in the last photo.  This is not the type of fabric to fray, so leaving this untouched should not be a problem for the longevity of the dress.  However, I must sell it at a discount.  Measurements are listed below:

  •  Medium: 6-8-10 ~ Laying completely flat and not stretched at all, size Medium measures approximately 17 inches across the chest, 15 at the small of the waist, and 41" from the shoulder to the bottom edge.

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