Deep Blue and Purple Fantasy Organic Cotton Batik Dress

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This artistic batik dress is completely handmade from start to finish.  The design is painted with pure, natural beeswax, and hand dyed in a series of layers before being boiled clean.  I use a simple cauldron of water, simmering over an outdoor gas stove, and manually stir the batik dress until I know it's ready.

Measurements are taken with the dress laying flat, not stretched.  The style is designed to stretch gently, but not stretch out.  The style is reversible and can be worn with the batik design on the front or back.   

Material is 100% organic cotton.  Machine wash and dry only - this batik dress will not shrink.  Please do not hand wash, pre-soak, or hang to dry.  These batiks are made to last for years, if not decades, with basic care.

Other sizes are given as reference.  This listing is for a size Small (pictured)

  • Small: 4-6-8 ~ For this flexible size Small, the length is about 36" from the shoulder to the hemline. The bust lays flat at 14" and tapers in at the waist to 12.5"                                                     
  • Medium: 6-8-10 ~ Laying completely flat and not stretched at all, size Medium measures approximately 17 inches across the chest, 15 at the small of the waist, and 41" from the shoulder to the bottom edge.
  • Large: 8-10-12 ~ Size Large is approximately 19" across the chest, about 17.5" at the waist and 41" from shoulder to the bottom edge.
  • XL: 12-14-16 ~ Size XL measures 22 across the chest, 21" at the waist and about 41" from shoulder to hem.

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Here's a video of me painting a batik dress.  It speeds up about halfway through so you can get an idea of the batik process.  Also check out the Facebook Batikwalla fan page.