Deep Blue and Purple Batik Yoga Pants - Slight Imperfection – Batikwalla by Victoria

Deep Blue and Purple Batik Yoga Pants - Slight Imperfection


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The inseam length for this pair is approximately 30"
This moon star design is freehand painted with molten beeswax, then dyed in layers of color.  Each batik layer sets in the dye bath for a full day, which is part of the reason the colors are so rich and fabulous. The yoga pants are made with 92% cotton and 8% Elastane. They feature a fold-over waist and a slightly flared leg.  
Batikwalla batiks are very durable and hold their design and color, even with regular machine washing and drying.
This is the Sale Basket version of the original pair found in the Batikwalla Yoga Pants section. 
This particular size XL is actually a very nice pair with a beautiful crisp design and deep dark color.  It's simply shorter in length as described in the original listing, where you can find the standard size measurements and descriptions here
These pants are preshrunk and will not change in color or sizing with regular wash and wear.

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