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Dancing Green Handmade Batik Stretchy Movement Pants

Dancing Green Handmade Batik Stretchy Movement Pants

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Dancing Green Handmade Batik Stretchy Movement Pants

Features two tones of hand dyed greens.   Wax design was hand painted with pure beeswax and the batik was manually boiled clean.  Machine wash and dry.

The design is crisp and bright and will gain compliments wherever you wear them. 

Made with 92% cotton and 8% elastane, the pants feature a generous fold over waist and flare cut legs.  Sizing is approximate.  The size 6 model is wearing size Medium

Size Small 

  • Waist: 12-13" across  
  • Inseam: 30"

Size Medium

  • Waist: 13-14" across  
  • Inseam: 31"

Size Large  

  • Waist: 14-15" across  
  • Inseam: 32"

Size XL  

  • Waist: 15-16" across  
  • Inseam: 33"

Size 2X

  • Waist: 16-17" across
  • Inseam: 34+"

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