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Blue Belles Batik Yoga Pants

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Blue Belles Batik Yoga Pants - Size Large

This was a variation of the Blue On Blue Batik Yoga Pants I once offered in my custom line.  However, this batik took a different color path to arrive at the same brilliant blue location.  These started in deep turquoise and were dyed in a light pink.  I know, I know, they don't look pink, or even purple for that matter.  This is where years of experience with dye techniques play in.  Turquoise and fuchsia are primary colors in the world of dye (similar to blue and red in the world of paint).  But when you mix the lightest amount of fuchsia with a strong turquoise, you don't get purple, you get what appears to be deep blue!!  Yes, BLUE!  It's so fascinating I think I'm geeking out here.  We're gonna call them blue because to the naked eye, they are.  Although you and I both know the final color was actually a light hot pink over a turquoise and that's what we have here.

If I attempt this strategy again it will certainly come out purple.  

Hand painted with beeswax, hand dyed, and hand cleaned in a cauldron of boiling water.  Machine wash and dry from here on out.  

Size Large

  • Dress size 8-10-12
  • Waist: 13.5" across  
  • Inseam: 33"

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