Forest Green Tree Batik CAPRI Yoga Pants – Batikwalla by Victoria

Forest Green Tree Batik CAPRI Yoga Pants


Forest Green Tree Batik Capri Yoga Pants

Hand dyed an earthy brown under a deep dark forest green tone.  The curvature of the sun slims the silhouette while adding intrigue with its roundness and alluring details with unique rays.  The tree symbolizes roots and strength, which coincides perfectly with its hand painted placement on your hip.

The capri length yoga pants were sewn by Dharma Trading Co before I applied the batik process.  They feature a very comfortable fold over waist that can be worn high for a flexible, belly-friendly fit.  Thread is 100% cotton.  Material is a substantial medium weight 92% cotton with 8% Elastane to hold shape.  

For the yoga capris pictured here, the model is wearing size Small.  She's 5'4 and a dress size 2-4.  

The inseam length, hemmed just below the knee:

  • Small - 16"
  • Medium - 16.5"
  • Large - 17"
  • XL - 18"
  • 2X - 18"

The width is measured at the waistline, not stretched:

  • Small -  13" across
  • Medium -  14" across
  • Large -  15.5" across
  • XL -  17" across
  • 2X - 19.5" across

Measurements are approximate.  The fabric is stretchy but firm.  

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