Teal and Purple Tuxedo Swirls with Stars Handcrafted Batik Zipper Hoodie - Size 2X


Teal and Purple Tuxedo Swirls Handcrafted Batik Zipper Hoodie - Size 2X

This heavy duty hoodie is entirely made in USA, down to the threads.  This style is reminiscent of the old school Carhartt hoodies from back in the day, and can be worn as an outdoor jacket. 

Features front pockets, and durable metal zipper.  Hoodie is double lined.  Interior is thick fluffy cotton fleece.

Colors are a combination of blue purple / hand dyed under water-flowing teal, like the sea.

Measurements are approximate.  This specific size 2X hoodie is shown on the right hand side of the last photo.


28.5" across the chest

27" from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the waistband

25" from top of the shoulder to the end of the wristband. 

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