Cayenne Orange Sunset Handcrafted Batik Zipper Hoodie - Size XS


Cayenne Orange Sunset Handcrafted Batik Zipper Hoodie

Colors are sunshine yellow and cinnamon orange.  Interior is a soft fleece cotton. 

Features kangaroo pockets, and a high quality metal zipper.

This is an OUTDOOR level hoodie as it is very thick and reminiscent of the old school Carhartt jackets from the 90's.  USA cotton milled, sewn in USA

The last 2 photos show the hoodie in different light from XS to 2X, left to right.

Measurements are approximate


  • 18.5" across the chest
  • 24" from top of the shoulder to the bottom of the waistband
  • 22" from top of the shoulder to the end of the wristband.  

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