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Blue on Blue Batik Yoga Pants - Size Small


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A new meaning for the color blue!  

Made with 92% cotton and 8% elastane, these yoga pants feature a generous fold over waist and flare cut legs.  I love that the waist can be worn high over the belly or folded over on the hips.  Size XS-XL is sewn by American Apparel before I apply the batik.  Size 2X is sewn by Royal Apparel (95% cotton and 5% lycra). 

Size Small fits anywhere between a size 2 and 6, while a medium also fits between size 4 and 8, etc.  The most noticeable difference between the sizing is the length of the leg.  These batik yoga pants do not run small, but are meant to be worn fitted for movement and exercise.  

Sizing is approximate.  The model is wearing a size Medium for reference.

  • Small: 2-4-6 - - Waist (25-26) Inseam (31)
  • Medium: 4-6-8 - - Waist (27-28) Inseam (32) 
  • Large: 8-10-12 - - Waist (30-32) Inseam (33)
  • XL: 12-14-16 - - Waist (33-35) Inseam (33)
  • 2X:  16-18-20 - - Waist (36-38)  Inseam (33)

Inseam lengths can be hemmed by request.   

Additional info about purchasing and returns can be found on the Batikwalla Shopping Policies page.

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