Batikwalla by Victoria

Batikwalla by Victoria

Batik Tjanting Tools - How Do You Prevent The Wax From Dripping When Painting With Beeswax? January 06 2020, 0 Comments

How do you prevent the batik wax from dripping when you are painting with a tjanting tool, or a "batik pen"? 

 tjanting tool dripping while painting batik


I'm often asked about this when I'm painting a batik in a live video.  In fact, today one of the students in The Art of Creative Batik
online workshop asked me: "I see the drip coming usually right out of the pot I watch for it.  I allow for it, but I would love to know if there is a way to avoid it?  I
have watched your videos and I cannot figure out how you do not seem to have that issue.  I generally use pretty fine-holed tjanting.  Could this be a part of my problem?  And I am just listening to you talking about flaws and that they are our strengths.  Love it.  However, I would like to be able to control it if possible any thoughts on this?"

Batik Tjanting Tool - Too Many Drips!  

It's a great question and something I am asked a lot and I'll tell you there is a two part answer to this dilemma.  There might be three part dilemma regarding your
curiosity.   Regarding the size of the batik tool that you're working with, I work with the largest spectrum of tjanting spouts that I can find - with the copper tool. The copper is really the best.  The steel ones actually have a larger spout, but I do not enjoy the angle of the tool, since I paint upright. 
So what she's talking about when I go from the batik wax pot to the clothing with the tool?  How do I prevent the drips?  Why is my fabric not covered in all the little drips, despite the fact that I'm using the largest tool possible and the largest spout possible? 

Practice is key.

After awhile you get to know what to expect, and it's just something that takes a little while to master, but it's not impossible.  You will get it. 

A couple of tricks have to do with how close your fabric is to the wax pot.  I try to keep mine as close as possible when I'm painting, without actually touching, of course.  And although I do work fast, sometimes it's worse the faster you are painting.  Let me know in the comments if you guys have gone through that too!  Do you incorporate your mistakes into the design?  Because that's actually something that I do.

The other thing is that looks are deceiving. I actually do make lots of mistakes.

There are a lot of batiks that have drips on them.  Maybe even the one I'm wearing.
Actually no, there's no drips on this one, but I do have batiks with drips on them.
Another thing, notice my workstation.  There's wax everywhere.
There's wax all over every space between the wax pot and the fabric so drips do happen but if I can move that wax fast enough - and deliberately enough - I can let that first drip that's bound to come out of our tool hit the fabric and that starts the design.   And that's how I actually use the momentum in my favor when I'm painting with beeswax for batik.
If you are interested in learning more about batik and leveling up your skills while joining an amazing community of batik artists who are passionate about this craft,
check out the Art of Creative Batik Workshop and sign up for our next opening.
I really encourage you.  It's actually an amazing an amazing workshop.   
Happy batiking!
- Victoria 

Hand Dyeing The Sunflower Batik Tshirts With A New Procion Dye Recipe January 06 2020, 0 Comments

Hey guys okay, this was very impromptu video.
Actually I was not going to do this today because I've been a little bit under the
weather lately.  The heat is really getting to me...  
It's just really getting to me, and
I barely made it through painting
the little few things that I was able to
paint today, so hopefully tomorrow I will feel
better.   I actually got beeswax in my hair
today, that's how uncoordinated I've been.
I know it's not a workday if I'm sooooo uncoordinated I get beeswax in my hair. 
What happened?  I was painting and the brush flipped up and the bristles
wedged into my hair.  So that's a sign it's a low key work day.   But I have to do these shirts!  I said Iwas gonna do them, and I was like
alright, I'll just mix the dyes before I go on camera so that it's not loud and
weird, and I don't know...   Sometimes people are like, "Oh that's so crazy!  You're doing that?"  Then, you know, I get self-conscious about it because I work outside and I that's just how I do it.  Maybe that's unusual.  
Okay, so I'm getting the little sunflower shirts ready.  Here they are, and it's so hot,  you guys, it's just barely starting to cool down right now.  Barely!!  I don't know if maybe it's me maybe I'm sensitive to the heat?  
Okay, so I just received some new procion dye and it's called Brazil Nut.  It says Brazil Nut on the label.  It's probably backwards for you to see in the video.   
By the way, I keep my buckets like that because if they are upright leaves and debris falls in them.   If I keep them laying sideways I don't have to worry that all the
leaves off this tree -  and there's trees all over here - and just random stuff blowing in the buckets so that's why they're like that.
So the plan for these batiks is one part black and one part brown, but I haven't used Brazil Nut in so long I forgot what it looked like.   I just figured, oh you know, Brazil Nut,  that must be brown and I like Brazil nuts.   I like I like *organic* Brazil nuts, not the Brazil nuts from the mixed peanuts.  They're so gross!   They're intriguing.   
But anyway I got Brazil Nut ready to mix in my black.  I have no idea what this is gonna look like.  So far, so good. It's dark.  I like the color. But I don't think there's enough dye in there to achieve the look I'm going for.   We'll dye one and see what happens.
Where's that test one?  That test piece? Where's the piece I sewed the little
flower applique with a different color fabric just to see what would happen? I don't know where that tester is.  I don't really think this is enough dye for the color I'm going for, so I might just test this out see how it looks and
then finish up off camera. 
Doing dye baths on camera is not that easy, and I'm very sensitive to the outcome of the color. 
The color is good on this one.  Oh it's such a pretty color!  I can feel it - like I can tell the right things are happening for these shirts, so that's cool. I'm excited see them all in there.  They're gonna look so good!  The color is such a good color.  I'm gonna actually stir this a little extra.  What a good combination! 
I didn't think I could do this, but I did, and we're good.
I'm gonna go wash all this dye off me now.  Don't
worry about me.  It's just color, guys.  It's not whatever society is trying to tell you it is.   Being able to change the color of things...   We could go into the philosophy on that later, maybe, but I think that - especially as women, they don't want us
to change colors of things, and so they put a lot of stuff in our heads about "Oh
no!  Don't touch it!" and "Don't be near it!!" 
That's my position on it.  We're changing colors
here.  We are wielding our power. 
Alright, these are gonna be super powerful shirts!   They're gonna be
super flower power!   
So, it's half Brazil Nut (procion mx dye)  half black (Better Black procion dye #44) Over the lemon yellow, and the kelly green we did earlier. 
They're just gonna be the cutest shirts!  We'll make more sunflowers too, after this. Perhaps when the weather cools down, so look for
an email when I I'll get these finished.  I'll post them for sale. 
Okay guys thanks for watching!   Thanks for
sharing if you have people who like to
dye things, this is how you do it.  Or, rather, this is how I do it.