Boho Batik Dress Designs - Results Of My Famous Hand Dyeing Techniques January 06 2020, 0 Comments

Welcome to my batik workshop - this is my outdoor dye studio I use for the batik process where I dye dresses and other handmade hippie clothing. This month we're working on all sizes of these pretty summer dresses, perfect for festivals and such. The colors are made using Procion dye, namely Sage Green in this video, along with a hand mixed purple color I created the same way an artist would mix colors for a painting. Beautiful batiks and hand dyed clothing can be made with intuition, experience, and curiosity. And pure beeswax!
First look, we'll go with this subtle sage green.  This named "sage green" by Procion, which is the type of dye I use.   This particular color is right from the canister.  I thought maybe it needed it to be a little darker, but I like it.  It's a good color for the batik process that we are doing. 
Look, that's a little beeswax...   That's a little star painted with the
beeswax.   But the excitement doesn't stop there!  Here, let's show the
inside of this dress.  There we go...  That mottled effect -  that's from my hand
dyed process -  and that is perfectly fine.  We love that look.  It really captures the
essence of handmade. 
Look at this incredible purple color!   This is a hand mixed purple.  I mix this purple with several different Procion dye colors including blue and fuchsia, until I get it just right.  I never measure my colors when I do this combination.  I just mix it in the bucket.  I had a feeling that this was gonna be good.  A lot of that comes from experience.  I've been doing this for a while, so I kind of have an idea of what a purple is going to look like when I'm mixing it.   Can you tell?
What is really amazing is that we actually have true purple over yellow. The yellow didn't affect the the color - there are secrets to that!  But I'm going to reserve these secrets for all the folks in my Art Of Creative Batik membership. 
boho batik dresses handmade how to
Speaking of which, for those of you who
are in my membership, this is the blue that we did.  We're actually gonna use the blue as our "detail" color, and then bring these boho batik dresses into a whole different color by the time they're finished and ready for sale.  It will have little blue details in this Om symbol.  This batik dress is going to look really pretty!   
We're gonna keep painting these cute hippie dresses on live video, and it's gonna be a ton of fun!  One will be made in each size, Small - 3X.  
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