I Want A Pair Of Batik Leggings November 18 2015, 0 Comments

I am so physically exhausted right now I have no idea how the Leggings Event is going to come together this Friday.  About half are finished, but it'd be great to get photos of each pair online.  Either that or a video.  That might be the better idea.  

I wonder who reads this blog, if anyone?  Probably stalkers.  Maybe some cool people in the mix too.  I'm noticing more cool people in my life these days.  It's refreshing.

Less stalkers, more cool people.

I deleted the fitting video I made for the Sale Basket shirts.  Too grumpy, I was.  If I'm going to do a fitting video, I better be in a good mood about it.  Ahhh, what was I thinking?  

Now I have all the Sale Basket shirts listed and no video for them...  But they'll have to wait.  First: Leggings.  Then the long sleeves of Batikwalla, and then a big clearance sale or something at the end of the year, or beginning of 2016.  Then we begin a new journey into dresses.  

There is that sewing studio in Salem.  I can contact them about custom sewing dresses.  I wonder how that would work out.  I can tell by the stuff they've posted that they have talent.  Pattern design and sewing.  This is what I need.  My car will make it to Salem, many a time over, if we could find the right sewing people.  Then I could have some bad ass dresses made, without me having to design and sew each one.  Think of they styles!  Pattern grading.  We could get the best fabric - this organic stuff I use.  And secretly, I want to make batik cowboy shirts.   Isn't that the craziest idea?  You know, around the yoke area and all that?  Stay with me - I know what I'm thinking.  It's always been in the back of my mind, these high end men's shirts.   We could make some CRAZY men's shirts with a cowboy flair.  OMG I'm freaking out at the prospect.

I must think this out...  Hmm...  Thinking...  I really do come up with the greatest ideas in the middle of the night  The sewing people in Salem - I have to talk to them.  Don't let me forget!!  Did you remind me to edit my Facebook intro?  Hmmm...??  I didn't see anyone reminding me, readers....  But that's okay!  I forgive you!!  Kisses!!

I really don't know if I have any readers.  Don't care - it's all good.  All good here, people.