Video Inspiration November 16 2015, 0 Comments

Several people have written in and asked what kind of camera & editing app I use for my videos.  It's pretty simple:  I use my iPhone 6 and iMovie app.  Anything more complicated and it will slow me down.  I do have a much more sophisticated Canon Rebel T5i (I know...) but I struggle to use it.  I regret buying it.  At least it has a flip screen for vlogging, and if/when I do want to get more advanced, I'll be ready.  I can grow into it.  It does have a lot of cool features.

Anyway, keeping it simple with the iPhone for now.  This thing is handy, and takes stellar photos.  I'm seriously thinking of deactivating the phone service - oh wait, no I can't.  I need the cellular for surfing when I'm not around wifi, and in Oregon the chance of that happening is pretty common.  Hiking anyone?  Make it the entire west coast for that matter.

Someone wrote in using the Contact tab, but didn't leave a valid email address to return my message to, so it bounced back.  That's too bad, as I wrote whoever it was good advice about experimenting with batik in his or her apartment.  You know, because it's messy...  the person wanted to know the best preventative maintenance for such a craft.  I said monitoring the beeswax was the trickiest mess to clean up.  The dye is easy to clean up if it spills, but the wax is another story.  

It'd be easier if folks wrote directly on my Facebook page or in a comment.  I think I'll post directions on the page so people know the best way to ask me for batik advice, because I freaking love to talk about this stuff and I hate to see a good explanation email go to waste.  Especially about batik.  Yeah, they gotta know...  Facebook directions in the description.  What a great idea!

It's late right now, I'll have to do it in the morning.  Don't let me forget!!

Do not let me forget.  

Shit there is a lot to do tomorrow.