House of Leggings November 13 2015, 0 Comments

My house has become a leggings factory.  I have everything calculated out, so it should go smoothly.  It's funny how much you have to plan and strategize for an art based business.  

I set the price for the leggings and I couldn't tell if people were upset by it, or not upset.  I had one person ask me why some of the items were high priced and others were lower.  It's possible she didn't read the descriptions.  The print shirts, for example, are hardly the same work as the dresses.  It's not even comparable.  And the leggings only take about half the time and resources as the yoga pants.  The pricing makes perfectly good sense to me.

If more people made batiks they would understand.  Oh, and the hoodies!!  You would not believe how much wax and dye these puppies soak up.  Yeah, I don't know.  The pricing makes sense to me.  

For 2016 I might close out the prints.  I like them, and I really liked the printing company, but...  It's a lot to manage, all these different items.  We'll see.  Better organization and maybe slim down the overhead is what I'm thinking.  Keep it simple, and focus on one style at a time.