Everything To Everyone November 07 2015, 0 Comments

Every once in a while I take the batik business through a major overhaul.  I have a strange feeling this is going to happen again.  

I like making the different styles.  But sometimes I don't like making all the different styles.  Different styles, different sizes, different colors.  Customers are frustrated that I don't have something in a certain size or color.  I'm frustrated that I just sold that one out, but I have 3 others in this color, but not in the same size, or have that size, but not in the same color.  

Do you see what I mean?  

The best times I've ever had was when I - -  actually, there were two times specifically.  Once when I lost the place I was living because the lazy boyfriend claimed the house for himself and me and the kids had to completely relocate, and I lost all my stuff.  His name was "Wilbur" and he was a self absorbed deadhead hippie who drank a lot and lived off my income.  But he got the house.  Somehow that was acceptable back then.  Anyway, I had to relocate and I lost all my inventory too.  Eventually it worked in my favor as I had to start from the beginning and recreate an entire new line of batiks for the upcoming markets.  That was the best selling season I ever had up to that point.  Dresses.  I made dresses, one after another.  I had the fabric, and I rebuilt the inventory, and it was pretty much dresses.

The second time was similar.  Several years later, after another long and chaotic summer of doing the Saturday Market, I started over with a much simpler line batiks, and did really well during the Holiday Market.  

I'm arriving to the conclusion that I must quit the Facebook group I recently found myself insulted in.  I wrote an Instagram post about it.  

I have to clear my mind.  Blog.  Vlog.  Think things out.  Because this can't be all there is.  And if it is, then I might as well flame out doing what I want - AND NOT WHAT I THINK OTHER PEOPLE WANT ME TO DO

Fuck Shark Tank.  ()  Fuck online gurus.  Don't fall into the trap of expensive "mastermind" groups.  There are plenty of fantastic free business support groups out there.  Often these gurus will lure you in with a lot of good "free" info, and lead you to believe that there is even more where that came from if you pay them.  But here is the trick!!!  They are targeting novice businesses - intentionally.  They know your weaknesses.  They know how to manipulate it.  And they know that if they give you a bit of advice, you'll apply the strategies to your business, which will prove to be slightly beneficial, and then you'll feel as if the guru has all this great power to help with your business even more.  Nay, this is a trick.  You were targeted.  90% of the people who buy these courses only apply a fraction of the knowledge they gain, but it is enough.  Or they believe the copywriting, and dismiss their lack of results.  They think if they keep buying more courses, it'll magically improve their situation.

Learn the basics and keep pushing your limits, because ultimately you have to figure it out for yourself.  Don't listen to other people.  Don't take unsolicited advice.  Don't even take solicited advice!  (after a certain point)  Study what you admire, pay attention to your intuition, and use your own creativity to get where you want to go.  Don't listen to the bullshit that "you get what you pay for" when it comes to business gurus.  Free is more often better!!  Don't pay for what you can learn on your own.  Youtube is a veritable goldmine of information.

I will admit, a few paid classes did help me a lot at first.  But after a certain point...  I was paying for more of the same.  And the results were the same.  

How could someone single me out of a group and say my business is the one business -  in the entire world -  that doesn't have any potential to grow.  Zero.  Zip.  Instead I would have to switch industries and then "buy your course!!"  "VIP could help."  

Who fucking thinks like that?