Not Changing Industries Rant November 04 2015, 0 Comments

I tried to close my website down today, but the Shopify plan won't let me.  It'll keep the store up, but not allow checkout, which isn't what I wanted to show.  I wanted an "On Vacation" sign, like they do with Etsy.  Good ole' days of Etsy...  Simpler times!  But where they?  Anyway, why let someone come all the way into the shop only to be shut down at the register at the time of purchase?  I'd rather have a "Sorry, we're closed" sign up so people know what's going on up front.    

I had a mini-meltdown today, frustrated with ecommerce as a whole.  Frustrated with my site.  Freaking out about Christmas, and how to keep up.  Plus, seeing all the slimy marketing tactics marketers use, and watching good business going bad with terrible marketing directors.  I'm really frustrated with Gaia Conceptions eletter campaign, and their incessant coupon codes for $5 and $10 off, which I wonder why even bother?  And why so many, so often?  What happened to all the magic they had when they first started?  They were very against coupon codes!  What changed?  Oh, but here I am criticizing their marketing strategy, and I don't even send out eletters.  

That's not right.  Maybe I ought to send out an eletter or two and see what it's like.  Then I'll have something to say.  

I still love their clothes.