Math Is Never Late November 03 2015, 0 Comments

It's been super slow online the past couple of days.  Maybe not slow, but kind of.  I can't complain since I've been very distracted the past few weeks with this investing research.  I believe I have a firm grasp of the basic concept of investing now.  Why?  Right?  Why on earth did I all the sudden get into this??  The weirdest thing, and I already made a video about it, and it's the second most viewed video on my Youtube channel the past 30 days, according to the analytics.  It's nice to see that spellcheck has accepted "analytics" as a real word.  Anyway, it was the voice of god that told me to get into investing ASAP, basically.  Can't really explain it any other way.  It was some kind of crazy message and it spoke to me in a dream and it was very powerful, so I took heed and learned my ass off about investing.  I've been super absorbed in it the past few weeks as I've tried (and failed, and tried again, and succeeded) to open a set of investment accounts for the purpose of purchasing stocks and/or index funds.  It's like a world I never knew existed!!  And seriously, I didn't.  I'm kinda late in the game to be getting into it, but not really.  It's math.  Math is never late, it's just numbers.  Math don't care.  Math is just gonna do its thing no matter when you show up.  Kinda like dancing.  Math is going to dance and when you show up, that's what math will be doing.  


I thought I hired a new bookkeeper, but he hasn't followed up.  I don't think I'll have him help me after all.  I have no intention of growing this business into something that requires managing employees and inventory to such a huge degree, despite the allure of so many perceived riches, as one can imagine, being an entrepreneur.  It's been quiet lately, but it comes with the online territory and the decision to be mellow.   Like the stock market, you have ups and you have downs.