Nature Has A Way August 31 2015, 0 Comments

The sun has a nice way of saying good morning to the artwork, shining through a batik in process. The design is still in beeswax form, and the dress has been dyed once - deep purple, as you can see. These dresses beckon to be dyed teal next, I heard the calling.  

Anyway, isn't it pretty with the sunlight?  It reminds me of stained glass.  These batik dresses and many more will be released for sale this September.  I was aiming for the 1st, but with everything going on, it looks like it'll be a little later in the month.  We're so close!  I'll have a great range of sizes too.  Size Small to 3x in different styles, including long sleeve batik dresses.  


These are in mid process, so the colors will change as I complete the batik designs.  There's a pair of batik yoga pants in there too, the green ones in the middle.  Those go into a strong dandelion yellow to create Dancing Green, which you can find here.  Slowly as they are made, I replenish the inventory, one piece at a time.