The Science of Facebook and Defending Batik Art July 31 2014, 1 Comment

I wrote this on my Facebook page recently, and the post received an overwhelming response.  So many comments I lost track and wasn't able to keep up with each one, which I usually try to do.  It's strangely unpredictable what suddenly becomes popular when posting to Facebook.  Often times, the less I think about it, the more well received it is.  And sometimes a very well crafted post is in order, but there's no guarantee it'll be especially popular.  I never really know why, and haven't studied the science behind it yet.  I wonder if there is a science to it, or if it is completely random.  

"So much controversy over my prices. Wow, I just had to ban a bunch of really negative commenters from some of my posts out there in FB world. Yes, I realize there was a big jump in price for all Custom and Made to Order batiks but jeez, I'm only one person with two novice helpers, and these aren't exactly a breeze to throw together. Custom orders are intense! Not to mention these batiks take 3 weeks to make - that's 3 weeks of me putting together the materials, skillfully painting molten beeswax - yes, molten means it's waaaaay too hot to touch with the bare hand - in different layers, then dye these puppies over and over again until - UNTIL I boil it out! Have you ever tried to boil out half a pound of layered beeswax from a pair of yoga pants? It's tricky indeed. Then I machine wash and dry these several more times before packaging and shipping them all over the world. Idk... So much of it is custom made, it's too hard to keep up. I'm not trying to tick people off with my prices, which honestly are still undervalued for Made to Order Custom clothing. Lots of ready-to-ship stuff is still at the old price. I'd love to start making more - new things, different things. Imagination things. I miss those days. It's not fun to live like a batik machine trying to keep up with orders. It's just not. I've thought long and hard about this and rather than taking the yoga pants offline completely, which I've been very tempted to do, I'm standing by the price for the custom made clothing - it may even go up by the end of the year. True happiness is the only thing that matters here. I want to go back to creating Art Clothing that's fun to show off and promote and sell (and ship right away) to people who gleefully enjoy it. If anything, the pictures I post are free and easy to look at. Negativity is totally unnecessary and will get banned as soon as I see it."

beeswax painting - first dye layer, two more to go